Look who's coming to visit me this week!!

T-minus 18 hours before a whole week of sun filled fun starts with my sister and niece!

Dr. Edward Redente aka Daddy

I love this photo from a few years back. 

Here are some things you may not know about my dad:

1.  He is a world traveler
My dad has seen the world and that is amazing.  When I was little, we would anxiously wait for my dad to come home from one of his big trips, wondering what little gift he would bring each of us from these exotic lands, and look forward to the slide show on the dining room wall. 

2.  He is frugal
Over the years, and especially now that I am an actual full-time grownup, my dad has shown me the benefits of saving and taking care of your things (not so easy to do in today's world). I also love that when I go home to visit I don't have to bring my blow dryer because the little orange one from over 29 years ago is still in the bathroom drawer, working perfectly.

3.  He is a chef
"Oh, your dad is Italian? You must have had good food growing up!"
Yes, yes we did.
Holiday dinners are my dad's domain and a few years ago he taught me the family pasta sauce recipe that was passed down to him.  Right before my dad taught me, I had to be sworn to secrecy and sign a contract with my blood.
  (Just kidding about the blood!)

4.  Your work ethic ain't got nothin' on my dads
My dad has lead by example my whole life, showing me how to be a hard worker, to take pride in the work I do, and to push myself a little harder each time.  Hard work brings success. He's taught me that its not always easy and sometimes I'll fall, but then I've got to pick myself back up and keep moving forward.  And the best thing is, when I do fall, my dad is there to help me back up.

5.  My friends think he is a Mob Boss
My dad is on the quiet side.  Not shy, but is selective with his words.  He made boyfriends outwardly nervous (rightfully so) and has the power to instantly silence you with just "the look".  He's not the type of person to put up with your shenanigans.  There is just something about him that make people know he is kind of a big deal.  If he had to have a mafia name ( *cough* not saying he doesn't already have one) it would have to be Eddie Spaghetti.  

6.  He is a teacher
My dad was a professor for 30 some years.  I loved watching him teach his classes and seeing graduate students frantically write down his every word.  I would sit there, looking around at the lecture hall, and secretly wanting everyone to know that I was his daughter (I'm pretty sure they did seeing I was in elementary school---or maybe the students thought I was a genius child!) He would become invested in them, and would even invite grad students home for dinner, especially if their home was far away.
My dad has been my life long teacher and I'm still that little kid, wanting everyone to know that, "hey, that's my dad!"

7.  He inspires
My dad inspires us to be better people.  He inspires us to reach our goals.  He inspires us to enjoy simple pleasures.  He inspires us to give to those less fortunate.  He inspires us to have a loving family. 

Happy Father's day Daddy!  
Your children and littlest of grandchildren sure are lucky to have you!