A Sunday Well Spent Brings a Week of Content

Lets see how productive I can be today.  I've already accomplished absolutely nothing so I can only go up from here!

 I am finally feeling like myself after a short battle with the flu that kept me home part of last week. I spent the days in bed with the chills, curled up watching Cheers, falling in and out of sleep and drinking lots of ginger ale.  Even Aurelia knew I needed extra cuddles and took her afternoon naps right next to her mama. 

The weather is hot and muggy and the clouds have rolled in extra early today.  I can hear both my cat and my husband breathing heavily with sleep in the next room.  It is a sleepy kind of day and I can feel the cleaning motivation building as I look at the pile of laundry and bills.  But a nice cup of tea and my book may also be calling my name...

I read this today and loved it.  Just some food for thought.

We do no draw people to Christ by loudly discrediting what they believe, by telling them how wrong they are and how right we are, but by showing them a light that is so lovely that they want with all of their hearts to know the source of it.
-Madeleine L'Engle

Also, remembering back to last month and enjoying this peaceful moment with my sisters.

Happy week ahead to all.


The rain cometh and stay.

Afternoon storm one zillion and one.  

I've learned that although my rainbow umbrella is super cute, I need to invest in something a bit more rain proof..you know, like a plastic bubble.

In honor of rainy season I wanted to share a Seminole legend that I think of every time it rains.  This version was written down by a great storyteller and the first chairwoman of the tribe.

The little green frog was sitting on the edge of the water lilies sleeping away. A big ol' rabbit came hopping along, came upon the frog and said, "Hi there! Why are you sleeping? It's too pretty a day to sleep. Wake up! Wake up!" 

"I don't have to do anything," said the irritated little frog. But that pretty ol' pesky rabbit kept on until the little frog got really mad and told him, "I'll fix you up." 

So little frog started singing his funny little song or noise he makes to call the rain. Within a few minutes, the black cloud came and the wind started blowing. Then the rains came and soaked the ol' rabbit so much he got cold and ran home. 

Whenever you hear the frogs singing away today, better be near shelter, because they are warning you that rain is coming soon.

Sure enough though, out in the Everglades when I hear the orchestra begin of chirping and croaking from the frogs I know the rain is not far behind!


Bowling Babes

Saturday night at the bowling alley

I'm lucky to have two great friends to spend a Saturday night with.
Side note:
When did they start making bowling alley's look like a disco-tech?


Growing Pains.

Black Canyon National Park

Ahh. Summer is upon us here in swampy south Florida.  The days are long and hot and the thunderstorms come around each afternoon on the reservation just like clockwork.  All I want to do is float motionless in a cool, turquoise pool or take a long drive through the middle of no where with the windows down and the wind whipping my hair.  Summer is here.

Summer has never been my favorite time of year.  I mean, of course I loved summer vacations, who doesn't?  But summers never stirr my heart and soul like autumn and winter do.  Since becoming a real live grownup, I think summers have turned into challenging months for me.  It usually seems to be the time of year that I get my growing pains.  Things just don't sit right and I tend to question my routines, goals, and myself.  Do you ever have those times? 

The past few weeks I have been spending a lot of time in my adult education class called "Life".   It is hard and exhausting work.  But I'm learning new things about myself and others.  I'm learning more about kindness and empathy.  I'm learning (or re-learning) that I can only control myself and my actions.  I'm learning that I need to show love and appreciation more.  I'm learning to be more gentle.  I'm learning to speak my mind.  I'm learning that with a small pep talk, I can do almost anything.  I'm learning that I thrive on quiet time. 

About a month ago, Bobby and I headed back to Colorado for some family time and to celebrate my best friend's wedding.  Bobby's parents took us over to the Black Canyon National Park one afternoon, over near Gunnison.  If you are ever in the area, you must go.  It was breathtaking.

I took a few minutes alone and stood against one of the overlook railings, looking down at the almost 2,000 foot drop below me. My knees felt like jello and I took a small step back.  The cool wind whistled through the canyon and you could hear the Gunnison River roaring below.  It was so beautiful and intense that I couldn't help say a prayer of thanks for such a remarkable landscape.  

My sister and I talk regularly about the power of nature.  Its nothing new, and for thousands of years people have known the transformations that the world around us can have on our souls.  With just a few simple moments quietly looking into this canyon I was rejuvenated.  And so I'm learning this summer that a happier me is one who has taken a few minutes in a busy day to be still.  To reflect on what is beautiful and good.  To appreciate the wonder of our surroundings.  It helps put the drama of the day into perspective and to realize that everything will be A-okay.  These growing pains can be painful, but they are so necessary.  

Ok summer...I'm ready for you.