It's Raining It's Pouring

It's been raining for 4 days straight.  We are stuck under this gloomy rain cloud that no matter how hard I try to wish away, keeps hanging over our heads.  With almost 4 inches of rain this past weekend, the ground is soggy and little rivers are flowing and mini lakes have formed in everyone's lawns.  This puts a bit of a damper on my wedding plans.  The rain is supposed to be moving on by the end of the week, but I guess its time for me to start thinking about plan B.  

Plan B = beach wedding turns into an indoor wedding.

The risk you take for wanting an outdoor wedding I suppose.  But they do say rain is good luck on your wedding day...I guess if it decides to rain then I will do my best to embrace it.  No matter what, as long as I get to say "I do" then it will be a magical day. 

six more days :)



Today was not my typical Thursday. 

At 2:30, as I was just wrapping up one of my staff's annual reviews, I heard my phone buzz.  As I walked out the door I saw an e-mail from my lab manager, "Our vault smells like something is burning".  Great.  I dashed over to find an overwhelmingly strong smell of burning plastic coming from our collection room.  Our security called the fire department, who luckily are our neighbors down the street.  The entire entourage arrived, in full gear with their axes in toe.  As we evacuated the building, I hesitated to leave the storage room unattended.  Number one rule- don't leave people alone with your collections.  I could just imagine 6 giant men in their giant yellow suites bumping and knocking over fragile artifacts as they made their way through our narrow aisles.  I must have hesitated too long because I got a stern look from one of the firefighters.  I went outside to see the entire department out on the deck watching the exciting Thursday event.  As I stood there I overheard someone say, "The collections are on fire!"  Oh the joys of a chatty office.

Luckily there was no fire, just smoke.  A fan in the HVAC system broke and was creating the burning smell. Luckily too, the smoke had not reached our vault yet.  I couldn't have imagined if our fire suppression system had gone off. Even more lucky, the A/C guy was just down the street and was able to come and replace the fan!

Staff began wandering away back to their desks after realizing that the building was not going to explode and that the collections were not on fire after all.  When we got the all clear, I hurried back inside and looked through our aisles, making sure all was safe and sound.  All was well again in the quiet vault.

Fire fighters bravely assessing the invisible fire


busy bee

I have neglected my blog duties for the past few weeks.  Life has been more than hectic.  My wedding is two weeks away (!)  I am off to bed to rest my sleepy head, but will give a full update this weekend.

For now, a short Summary of my life:

1.  Picked up my wedding dress
2.  Cat sat, 16 pounds of furry love
3. Ran around like a crazy person doing wedding errands
4.  Cried (only twice)
5.  Watched it rain for 3 days straight
6.  Bought presents for my nephew and soon to be niece who I will see soooo soon
7.  Watched some new shows on HBO (get it for free...don't know how!)
8.  Went to my first tribal community meeting for work and survived
9.  Saw and loved the Hunger Games!
10. Helped my sister try on maternity dresses on Skype

that is all

ah spring weddings


Hoppy Easter!

Today Bobby and I played host to our friends for an Easter luncheon.

Mandarin Orange salad
Homemade sauce (my dad's secret recipe)

And for dessert:
Angel food cake and strawberries with homemade whipped cream

 Doing my domestic duties- the apron was my sister's shower gift to me!

The sun was shining and the birds were chirping.  My new lemon candle made the house smell fresh and spring-y!
It was a nice day spent with friends!



1 month

One Month!

One month from today until I will be Mrs. Macuen!

Fall 2005

When I first met Bobby in the Spring of 2005 I knew it was something special.  I had a feeling deep down in my heart that this was something big and was going to last forever.  I can't stop smiling when I think about what I will be doing this time next month :)



The Brighton Reservation is near Lake Okeechobee.  For the most part, I work on Big Cypress but now and again I will drive the additional hour and 20 minutes up to Brighton.  Its a beautiful area, very different from Big Cypress.  The ground is dryer, the vegetation is less swampy, and there are big open plains with clusters of stumpy palm trees.  The trees drip with Spanish moss and there is a much more "country" feel.

Anywhere I go, especially when I am out in the country, I like to imagine what people's lives are like living there.  How they are so different from mine.  Its nice to think that there are still places that prefer a slower pace of life, that still know their neighbors, and spend their evenings sitting on their porch.

 Brighton Reservation

  Berm between the road and Lake Okeechobee


My Other Half

My twin sister and I talk at least twice a day.  We e-mail during the day and either talk on the phone or Skype when we get home from work.  Bobby has learned that this is the natural order of life.  

My sister is 6 months pregnant and glowing.  She isn't feeling her prettiest these days, but every time I see her over my computer screen I can't believe how amazing she looks.  What an indescribable joy! Sometimes it is still hard to believe that she will soon be a mother, but only because I can't be there to watch the everyday changes in person.  I have always felt, even when we were little. that she is meant to be a mom.    

My sister will be the best mom in the whole world, caring for her daughter with love and encouragement.  She will learn to be fair and learn to discipline even when it's hard.  She will learn how to put up with the dramatic teen years (especially if her daughter follows in her footsteps :)

Just as I hope and pray for all the wonderful things yet to come for my little nephew, I do the same for my soon-to-be niece.  

My sister and I wonder what it will be like the first time I meet her.  Will she already know me?  Will she know that I'm her mom's other half?  
I hope so