Sometimes I wonder how I graduated from kindergarten.  I don't think I ever fully grasped the appropriate uses of scissors.  I should always be fully supervised when using them, especially when I'm bored.  

I've taken on a horrible habit of cutting my own hair.  Its just really hard for me to justify spending $40 dollars for someone to cut away my split ends.  Although, usually when I look into the mirror after a scissor attack I can justify it.

Sometimes I will ask my dear husband to cut my hair.  He sits me down outside on the stool and cuts one hair at a time, petrified that he will do some serious damage.  There have been only a few times where the word "oops" has escaped from his lips and I am paralyzed with fear that there is a giant hole showing my scalp.  

I have luckily avoided some major mishaps and have even complimented myself on such a great job of putting in my very own (and perhaps slightly uneven) layers.  

The other week I was bored and there was a pair of scissors sitting on the desk and before I knew it I had bangs.  It may have not been the wisest decision in a state with 100% humidity, but I am embracing the new look! 



Friday's Music Pick

Besides being in love with my wonderful husband, I am also in love with Michael Bublé   
Today's music pick is one that I have been listening to since high school and when I first heard this song, I knew that Michael and I would be very good friends :)  

Song: Kissing a Fool
Artist: Michael Bublé
Album: Michael Bublé



Friday's Music Pick

The other night I was heading home from my friend's house.  When I looked up at the sky the moon was a giant golden ball.  It was so beautiful and amazing and I thought it would be nice to pay tribute to the moon in today's music pick.

Song: Moon River
Artist: Vince Guaraldi Trio
Album: Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus



Last week I was up in Tallahassee for the Florida Association of Museum's conference.  I had a good time, mingling with like minded people and enjoying the fall like temperatures.
Tallahassee is home to Florida State University and is a merge of hippie college students, southern charm, and the conservative government type.  I loved how green everything was, and there were trees...real trees!and they all were dripping with Spanish Moss.

 The little historic church across the street from my hotel

 Historic State Capital

 The new and ugly capital building- but at least it has dolphins!

 Enjoyed a fun dinner with co-workers and tried my first frog leg....not a fan!