Field School Update

On Friday, I went out for another site visit for our field school this summer.  We have relocated to a new site that is easier to get to and is an extremely important prehistoric and historic Seminole site.  I'm very excited about it!  We went out to map out the area and find a place for the lab tent.  Even saw my first grapefruit tree and this time no curious ostrich.


Spring has Sprung

The last month has been glorious.  Perfect blue skies, 75 degrees, slight breeze, and birds chirping.  Spring has come and is leaving fast.  Its supposed to start raining next week.  I'm mentally preparing for those afternoon showers for the next 8 months.  

Backyard tree: pretty yellow flowers

My sister is coming in T-Minus 48 hours!  I can't wait.  One more day of work till I am lounging on the beach and catching up with my other half.  Hopefully the rain will hold off for a few more days.


Yesterday was one of those days.  Frustrating, annoying, irritating.  By the end of the day you start laughing because you just think, "Could anything else possibly go wrong?"

A: Air conditioning unit broken
Its already 85 degrees.  Our a/c broke the other day and its taken over a week to get it fixed.  The guys were supposed to come at 9:30am, but in a rare and never before seen moment, they came an hour early.  I was still in my pajamas, hair gross, hands wet and soapy from washing dishes.  

On the plus side, our a/c unit got replaced with a new and efficient unit which means my a/c bill will be much lower every month!

B: Bees

The electrician stopped by to assist with the a/c unit.  As he walked into my house he says, "Did you know you have a bee hive in front of your house?".  I walk outside to discover the biggest bee hive I've ever seen on the front of my roof overhang.  Thousands of Bees. How we didn't notice it before, I have no idea.  They are busily working hard on building a bee empire above the upstairs window.  

C: Car 

The oil light came on in the car late Friday night.  Bobby checked it yesterday morning and to our horror we had barely any oil in the car.  This is the 4th time we have taken the car into the dealership for problems appearing after it had to get fixed and get an oil change a few weeks ago.  I hate mechanics.  I put on my brave and stern voice and called the dealership.  After 10 minutes of me being tough, I got them to tow our car back to the dealership and fix the car.  Pretty sure I'm not ever going back there again.  I also think that I'm going to go back to school and get my degree in mechanical engineering so I can fix my car myself. 

D: Done

We were more than done with the day at 2pm.  The a/c guys left, the landlord left, the car was back in his little parking spot, the bees are going to be taken care of on Monday.  I crawled into bed and took a long nap, with the warm sun on my skin.  Slowly drifting to sleep as Bobby played the guitar in the other room.  Sigh...


A Night of Song Writing

Bobby is going to school for Music Business.  For one of his classes he had to write a song and record it (easy peasy for him).  Bobby is an amazing musician and even more amazing engineer- just ask all of the bands who ask for him by name where he works.

I got to help him the other night write the lyrics to his song.  Well, I helped a little!  My rhyming capabilities were a little too predictable (I like Kate.  We went on a date.  It was great!) but in the end his finished product was very good and if I were his professor I would give him an A+.


Day Light Savings

Its dark now when I drive to meet my carpool in the wee morning.  But oh how nice to come home from work and have hours of daylight left!

early morning light


Cherokee, N.C.

Last week I was in Cherokee, North Carolina for our bi-annual strategic planning meeting.  We decided to go on a retreat, to get away from the office and everyday work.  It was such a great trip.  We met with the Cherokee THPO and I got to meet with some of the Cherokee Museum staff.  They have an amazing museum.  I came away from the trip motivated and inspired.  It was nice to make new contacts and collaborate and share ideas.  The Smoky Mountains were beautiful. They made me miss Colorado, especially when we got some flurries of snow.  The fog hung low on the mountains and they were a deep grey/blue.  Guess thats why they got their name!


Smoky Mountains

Archaeological Site: Cherokee

On my way home: Hollywood, FL


Headaches and Heat

Today I found myself standing in a cow pasture, in my gold ballet flats, swatting giant flies away from my head as I stood staring at a dead and decomposing alligator.  The sun was hot and pounding down on my already aching head and I looked down, wondering how in the world this fit into my job description.

It wasn't accidental that I was here, a coworker thought I might like to look at this lovely animal to see if I wanted the bones for our comparative collection.  I couldn't even begin to think about how I would transport this smelly thing back to the museum.  No thanks, I'll pass. 

My twin sister is coming to visit me in a few weeks.  I can't wait.  It will be the recharging that I need, to be around family and to have someone know me perfectly, exactly how I am.  No pretending or tired smiles.  We are going to sit on the beach, eat macaroni and cheese and peaches, and snuggle.


Goin' to the Chapel

After being gone for a whole week I am finally home, in my pajamas and ready to sleep in my own bed tonight.  I am exhausted and was in dire need of a Bobby hug.  Don't you just love the feeling of being home? I have so much to share, the first being our wedding weekend.

We arrived at St. Pete on Friday evening, checked into our hotel (on the beach!) and caught up with all of our friends.  It was so good to see everyone, listening to both the new and old stories.  Saturday was spent at the beach, enjoying the sun and sand. We people watched from our homemade sand chairs.  Little kids splashing in the ocean, parasailers, men with big bellies, gold chains, and a perfectly red tan. 

It is nice here.
Kenzie and I
The wedding was Saturday at sunset and was BEAUTIFUL.  Melissa looked stunning.

Mr. and Mrs. Buckley!

Enjoying the sunset

 Bobby and I

My beautiful friends from college

We had a great night filled with eating, drinking,dolphin ice sculptures, laughing, and dancing (well..I tried to dance).  It was a perfect evening and I am so happy for the newly weds!


Busy Bee and Mini Vacation

I have been so busy that I haven't even had time to blog.  Sorry to my 12 followers for the lack of updates!  Work has been Crazy and I have been preparing for a week long trip to N.C. to visit the Eastern Band of Cherokees for our annual Strategic Planning meeting.  I leave on Monday and for the most part am excited about going.  I will be in the Smoky Mountains and enjoying the cooler weather.

But what I am most excited about is our mini trip up to St. Pete Beach this weekend for my friend Melissa's wedding.  It going to be a wonderful reunion of friends, laying on the beach, and getting gussied up.  I am doing some last minute cleaning and packing before Bobby gets home from school and we hit the road in a few hours.  

Tonight I will be watching the moon over the ocean and sticking my toes in the sand.