And Then The Rains Came...

It's Raining.
It's Pouring.

I believe summer has officially made her appearance here in South Florida.  The heat, the humidity, the large flying insects, and most importantly, the rain.

When I first moved here I dreaded the rain.  But now I find myself wishing for the rain.  Even if it cools down the muggy swamp for only a brief moment of relief, I'll take it.  From where my desk is, I can look out the window and see the black clouds rumbling over the Everglades.  The storms move in fast, lightening flashes, thunder shakes our little double wide trailer.  Like clock work at 4pm the daylight turns to night.  Just in time for our commute home.



Bobby and I are working on a musical project! One of our my favorite things to do is sing duets. I sometimes have to pull Bobby's arm, but usually I can get him to at least sing Extreme's More Than Words.  I don't have the best voice in the world, but I can generally sing in tune and bobby will make up for my lack of Celion Dion vocals with his lovely voice.

One of the first movies we ever watched together was Aladdin.  Not quite sure how I convinced him to watch that with me...the things you do when you really really like someone!  We've watched it several times since and love to sing the duets. That is all I will say about our musical surprise...stay tuned!

Arabian Kate and Bobby


Good-bye my Love

A member of our family passed away last week.  Our kitty Pepper.  He was 19 and the perfect friend.  I loved him with all my heart and our family will miss him deeply. 

Thank you for all the fun times playing with me, taking naps with me, laying under the big tree in the backyard on long lazy summer days with me, helping us open our Christmas presents.  Thank you for being the best listener in the world, making our family laugh, and showing me unconditional love (even when I may not have always deserved it).  

My heart is sad and I know the next time I go home it will seem empty without you.  

I will always love you, my dearest Pepper


Thursday Evening

I get tomorrow off, Good Friday.  I am looking forward to my three day weekend and enjoying Spring in South Florida and an Easter brunch with Bobby and my friend Jessica.  But for tonight I am lounging in my pj's, watching Netflix.  Bobby is off working for a Miami musician, Sammy Figueroa.  Mr. Figueroa is an incredible percussionist and has worked with legends such as Miles Davis and Quincy Jones.  Tonight Bobby is running sound for Mr. Figueroa's concert on Fisher Island- only accessible by private boat or ferry.  

Fun Fact #1: Fisher Island was ranked #1 richest places in the US 2000 census.  
Fun Fact #2: Oprah once had a condo on the island. Oprah.

MacArthur Causeway, Miami

Well I'm off to bed and am looking forward to my extra few hours of sleep. 


Law and Order: The Pretzel

Upstairs Hallway
Tamarac, Florida 
Sunday, April 10

 Police Interrogation Room A
Miami, Florida
Friday, April 15

Kate:  I was walking up the stairs to do some cleaning when I first saw the victim. The pretzel was in the middle of the hallway, lying on the ground.  Obviously it had been dropped from a great height and was missing some of its limbs. The pretzel stayed there for the next 3 days.  No one was taking the blame for this one.  However, Bobby had been with the pretzels earlier that day on the 10th, around lunchtime.  He was alone upstairs for awhile.  I'm not necessarily saying he did it, but he has no alibi.  Well, besides the dead pretzel.  

 Police Interrogation Room B
Miami, Florida
Friday, April 15

Bobby:  I knew that Kate had been hanging out with the pretzels the night before, on the 9th.  For the past few months, she's really been on the straight and narrow, really trying to pick up after herself and put things away.  But have you seen her past records?  I mean, look at the "macaroni and cheese" and the "crackers under the bed" incidents.  Those poor things were left for weeks.      

The Case of the Pretzel is still under investigation.  Under the court of law, all are innocent until proven guilty.



I love banana bread.  My mom taught me how to make it when I was growing up and I loved getting to put the brown bananas into the mixing bowl and squish them with a fork.  I loved how you could recyle those unused, overly ripe pieces of fruit and turn them into something delicious!  I am not a very good cook and I can't even remember the last time I baked something, so when I noticed the browning bananas sitting on top of my microwave, I decided to do my domestic duties and bake some bread. 

I apparently forgot to take pictures of the finished product, so you'll just have to take my word for it that the bread was yummy!  Just ask Bobby, he ate an entire loaf in one day.



Enjoying a Tuesday afternoon stroll.



I am happy to report that I FINALLY made it to Miami.  Only took a year and a half.  My friend Jessica and I headed down there Friday night to visit Bobby at his work on Lincoln St. Mall.  I loved it!  Minus the Art Deco architecture, the atmosphere is very European.  Everyone was dressed to impress, with their thousand dollar sunglasses.  I think we were the only ones not speaking Spanish. We ate dessert, had mojitos, and watched a Latin jazz band.  We then walked around the mall, enjoying art galleries and cool jewelry stores.  The weather was perfect, 75 dgrees and balmy.  As we strolled down the mall, I smiled to myself, enjoying our night of music, art, and Gucci. 




Today is my anniversary!  6 years ago today, Bobby and I started our adventure together.  I remember the exact night.  We had been hanging out for only a few weeks.  Gone on a few dates.  We were sitting on my couch when he turned to me and said "I really like you.  Will you be my girlfriend?"  I giggled back "yes" in reply.  From then on we were together. 

I know I don't post much about the love of my life (he gets a little embarrassed- especially since I have billions of readers...) but for one day he will have to get over it!

Bobby is my best friend.  Every day when I come home from work and Bobby greets me with a hug, I am relieved, wanting nothing more than to be there, standing in my kitchen hugging him. We laugh, we cry, we act silly, we sing duets together. When I look back over the past 6 years I realize how we've grown and matured.  The struggles of differences, stupid mistakes,and  long distance.  How we have both learned to care and love each other unconditionally.  Love is never easy, but it is always worth it.  I could not imagine my life without him. 

I remember calling him one night when I was in school in Texas and he was still in Colorado.  I was crying and sad..  He told me, "Don't be sad that we are not together right now.  We have the rest of our lives."  And he was right. Our future will no doubt hold marriage and a family and growing old together. 

What a wonderful thing to be in love!



Green Giant

Today as my co-workers and I were driving home down Snake Road, we got stuck behind a giant semi truck.  We had to back off pretty far because the top of his truck was open and whatever he was hauling was flying out.  It was windy and the truck was having a hard time staying in the lines of the narrow road.  I looked more closely and saw something green sticking up over the semi's edges. 

Then, all of a sudden, a giant green bean smacked right into the window.  I started laughing.  My co-worker looked at me with a "you're weird" look.  I couldn't help it.  For some reason seeing one billion green beans dangling from the top of a wobbly truck made me giggle uncontrollably.  It was such an unusual thing to see in the middle of the Everglades.  As we turned onto the highway we passed another truck full of watermelons.  Good thing those weren't flying at our windshield.

Ahhh... Spring in Florida.


Jessica: Teacher, Twin, Photographer

My twin sister has been here for a mini visit.  It of course was waaaay to short and I was sad and lonely all day because I had to say good-bye this morning.  I had a wonderful time relaxing and being with my other half.  We talked about everything and sang Sound of Music songs while preparing dinner.  We both got some Florida sun and spent most of our time at the beach and the pool.  My sister is a very talented kindergarten teacher by day and an awesome photographer by weekend.  She takes photos as a hobby but she could make a profession out of it!  I am usually talked into being her photo "model" for the day and get to tromp around looking for good photo locations and scenery so she can practice. These are a few from the week: