Did you all have a nice weekend?  I hope so.  I cooked dinner for some friends on Friday evening. In the background grown-up jazz played and we had lots of laughs and stories to share!  Saturday and Sunday were kind of lazy, with lots of reading and some Harry Potter mixed in.  I did do some laundry and work so it wasn't entirely unproductive!

My twin sister started back to school today and we had lots of chats during the weekend about the new school year, what outfit she would wear, and all the new things she was excited about implementing.  My sister is an amazing teacher and I wish I could visit more often to watch her in her element.  

It made me wish for just a little bit that I was starting a new school year.  A few new outfits, the smell of new school supplies, the excitement of the year ahead.  No matter the weather leading up to the first day of school, it always smelled and felt the exact same every single year.  Cool and crisp, with a lingering summer light.  Why is that? 

Maybe I'll go wander around Target this weekend and take home some new crayons or notebooks so I can feel a part of the new school year.  The only thing I have to remind me of the new school year now that I'm no longer a student are the blinking school zones and giant yellow buses that have somehow calculated the exact time and speed to always be in front of my car.  I sometimes think those 7th graders who are slowly meandering onto the school bus like molasses are doing it on purpose to make me late for work. 

Its hard to believe Fall is just around the corner!


Snake Road

My daily drive to the reservation is the inspiration for my little poem today.

Snake Road

Creamy skies embrace the flushed dawn
Greeting you on this expedition.
The sun slowly peeks behind the yawn
Of the fading moon and its nightly position.

The road slithers ‘round and wide
Swinging and swaying like a tumbling wave.
You hug the curves and the animals hide
To avoid Snake Road becoming their grave.

A rainbow of greens and yellows and blues
Blur and streak with the arc and bend.
A leggy heron stares on with a hint of amuse
At the fish in his mouth who has met its end.

Stop! You skid and halt.
A dark grey dinosaur has emerged from the water.
It pauses, perhaps looking for its next assault
And with a toothy smile spots a slick black otter.

The otter dives safely into the canal’s abyss
Submerged and tumbling in the dark murky deep.
The defeated gator lets out a long hiss
And saunters back into the warm sun to sleep.

The road wraps through pastures filled with mist
And a herd of cowboys appear in the shadowy light.
Spider webs sparkle with the sun’s first kiss
A romantic and somewhat nostalgic sight.

The road will bring you to a different world
A timeworn and stoic place that’s grand.
Meandering the line of a serpent that’s curled
Gliding through the duality of water and land