Oh April.  You've been a bit of a pain in my side.  You've beat me up just a little bit, but thank goodness for an amazing sister visit, a sweet husband, kitty kisses, and 19 Kids and Counting...oh and cherry popsicles. 

Today I realized that I always have one song stuck in my head.  I find myself humming it almost daily, especially when I'm typing away at the computer.  
Good King Wenceslas  
Strange, right?

Until next time--


Misty Moors

This morning I was at work by 6:50am.  I had to assist with preparations for a funeral, one of those "other duties as assigned"

It was a quiet and beautiful morning.  I watched the sun rise from the mist and looking out across the tall grass I felt like maybe I should be in Ireland or England, looking out over the moors.  

Just being able to experience this lovely sunrise made my sleep deprived body happy and I was thankful for the view.  I was thankful for quiet mornings and I was thankful for this beautiful life.