Engagement Photo Session

My sister has been here for the past two weeks and it has been glorious (and the reason I have neglected my blog)!  My sister is an incredible photographer.  She does it as a side business but she really could be a professional (see here).  One good thing about having a family member who is an amazing photographer is that you always have someone around to take your photo on special occasions. 

Bobby and I decided to have Jess take our engagement photos while she was visiting.  We went down to the beach near the pier just as the sun was rising and if I do so say myself they turned out wonderful!




I am going to be an Auntie!  My family is thrilled about the new addition.  My oldest sister is having a baby boy.   A sweet little baby.  I can not wait to hold him in my arms and give him lots of kisses.  This Christmas there will 9 of us instead of 8.  How exciting!

My sister and brother-in-law are going to be wonderful parents.  Their child will more than likely have curly hair and be a genius.  Instead of playing baseball he will be at the kitchen table with his science kit blowing up the cats tail.

4 more months!



Like most holidays, the 4th of July is no exception to strict tradition.  My family sits at the same corner every year on the CSU campus.  We don't like to venture to City Park, but sit a few miles away enjoying the fireworks without the crowds.  Minus the occasional mosquito, our location is perfect and we sit on blankets and snuggle in as the summer air cools off.  

My mom spends hours that day making one cherry pie and one apple pie from scratch which we consume during the spectacular show of glittering colors.

waiting for the fireworks



I'm back!  I haven't written in several days, but my excuse is valid, I promise.  I had secretly snuck away to my home in Colorado to visit my wonderful family.  It was a surprise visit and I think I was very successful when my twin sister stared at me with her mouth wide open for an entire minute as I jumped around the corner of the house. 

 There were tears and lots and lots of hugs.  I love my family and I am so glad that I got to spend a few summer days with them. 

We took evening strolls around the neighborhood, ate delicious food, made s'mores on the grill, canoed around the lake, and enjoyed the fabulous Redente 5 being together again.  Perfection