Afternoon Showers Bring A Lot Of Puddles

Rainy Season has officially begun.  It has rained every single afternoon for the past week and the first tropical disturbance is lingering in the Gulf of Mexico.  

I took a break from my glaring computer this afternoon and stepped outside into the humid air.  The temperature had dropped about 10 degrees and the wind was starting to pick up.  This could only mean one thing:   The rain was coming.  I could see the dark clouds over the Everglades starting to pile into a massive sea of grays, blacks, blues, and purples.  The white Ibis were flying overhead, probably trying to find a place to take cover.  They stood out against the rumbling sky.  I stepped back inside as I heard the first distant thunder.  Within minutes, the heavens opened up and all I could see outside the window was torrential rain.   
The smell of rain is one of my most favorite smells.  Its so earthy and clean.  I like that it smells the same in every state.  The plants are soaking up the rain and everything is a vibrant green.  Summer is here in South Florida.


Wedding Plans

I am now in the initial stages of planning our wedding!  Its all very exciting and a little overwhelming.  All we know is that we want our family to share this special day with us and to follow my mom's advice of "simple yet elegant".

Both of my beautiful sisters have already gone through this stage of life.  I watched them plan their own weddings to their amazing husbands and shared in their perfect days.

I hope that my wedding will be just as lovely as theirs!

 I love looking back at their wedding photos, each wedding very different but equally as beautiful, showing off each of their personalities.  One in a beautiful building in Denver, the other up in the mountains.   An evening tuxedo affair and a morning summer wedding.

Our plan is to marry on the beach here in Florida and then have a reception back in Colorado.  Its a mix of who we are now--palm trees and evergreens, sand and snow.

Can't wait! 


Compliment or Not

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it anyways and then try to make it sound like a compliment.


Person: "Hey Kate- I would have NEVER put those colors together, but I guess it works"

Me: "uhh...Thank..you?"

So I like a little color. Sue me.


My Dad

What a weekend of celebrations!  
Happy Father's Day to my amazing Dad!

At church today they had a panel of 5 dads, all in different stages of life.  One of the dads with older children said something that I liked.  He said that now that his kids are grown and out of the house he isn't really a "parent" anymore.  He doesn't discipline or have to set consequences.  He doesn't set boundaries or try and teach what is right and wrong.  He has become a friend, a mentor, and advisor to his children.  

That's how I feel about my dad.  He is my best mentor.  I go to him for all my advice and I try my hardest to follow in his footsteps.  This usually requires at least one phone call a week with a question about work, finances, or my car.  I'm not sure if my sisters and I annoy my dad with all of our "life" questions: 

"Hi Daddy.  I just spilled water on the counter and it dripped into the wall outlet and then there was this really horrible crackling noise and now it smells like burning and I can't figure out which breaker switch to turn off and..." 
But if we do, my dad never shows it.  He is patient and understanding, even with all of my mini crises 2,000 miles away.

Snuggling: Christmas 2006


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mommy!  Hope you have a wonderful day with Daddy and friends.  Wish I could be there to help you celebrate!


Other stories from Tamarac Cinema 5

Our neighborhood $3 theater is really one of my favorite places to go.  My friend Jessica and I go a few times a month and enjoy movies for 1/4 of the price.  We sometimes forget that we live in wrinkleville Florida, but on our movie nights the reality sets in instantly.  
Tonight we saw Jane Eyre.  And without exception, it was packed with little blue haired ladies and their little bald husbands.  
Two ladies across the aisle talked the entire time.  


I wanted to lean over and yell "YES!! We all saw her dress! Jane Eyre is only 20 feet tall on the screen- her dress is hard to miss!" But instead I just giggled to myself.
The little old couple behind us were also a bit chatty.  The husband kept making comments throughout the entire movie and after every comment his wife would say:

"Shhhhh.  You talk to much"
"Shhhh.  You always have to comment on everything"

At first his comments were typical male remarks about chick flicks.  But by the end he was really into the movie and when Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester finally kissed he let out quite the swear word, which of course his wife told him to be quiet.

Nothing beats going to a movie on Friday Night.



Today was the last day of field school.  sigh
I have 10 new bug bites since this morning and a bruise on my shin the size of my fist, but I am snake bite free and all snuggled into my pajamas and ready for a good nights sleep.  

I really don't think I've ever been so physically and emotionally tired.  I couldn't even form a coherent sentence when I got back to the office. 

All evidence of our field school has been removed.  The Everglades Tree Island can resume its normal function of inhabiting its thick green vegetation and creepy crawlies.  The plants will continue to soak up the warm Florida sun and thick humidity.  The cows that live in the nearby pasture will once again unknowingly roam through a 5,000 year old archaeological site.  We too will go back to our normal routine of typing away at our computers and getting caught up in the office drama.  
My boss and I were the last ones to leave the site today.  As we walked away, I turned back to give one final look.  For an instance I could imagine life 5,000 years ago.  A group of people moving through the everglades in their prehistoric canoe routes.  Finding this perfect tree island full of food and shelter.  A breeze rustled through the canopies and it was so quiet and peaceful with the morning sun shimmering through the leaves.  I can see why someone would have lived here.

  Reservation at Sunset




A wonderful end to the day: Petting a Florida Panther (who loved having her ears scratched and licking hands)

The Panther is a very special animal to the Seminoles.  I felt so lucky to be able to spend some time with one today.

We also got to enjoy a traditional Seminole dinner with the field school students:
Deer, Gar Fish, Catfish, Alligator, Rice, and Pumpkin Fry Bread

One more day and we are done with field school!!



I will miss you if you go
I will miss your serenity 
Your words like songs in the wind
And the love you take away with you

I will miss you, my love

My most favorite song of all time: Mi Mancherai.  I was remembering the other day my summer spent in Italia.  It was one of the most beautiful times of my life.  I have this dream that one day Bobby and will move to Perugia.  That I will walk the cobble stone streets to our favorite gelataria  and bask in the warm glow of the sun over the ancient city walls.  

Just close your eyes and listen


Field School Update #2

Today was cooler.  There was a nice breeze blowing through the cypress, cooling off the last few days of heat.

The students

Everyone is getting tired and the days are long and exhausting, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  We've found some really amazing artifacts and I am excited to be able to preserve them.  

Next week I get a mini vacation- a 5 day weekend (to make up for my 12 hour days for 10 straight days).  I'm very much looking forward to taking a very very long nap, rubbing Benadryl on all my bug bites, having a foot rub to ease the pain from my snake boots, and let my skin be clean and free of dirt and sweat. I'm also looking forward to looking like a girl again and maybe even brushing my hair and putting on makeup.

Sounds Glorious.

~On another note.  Happy Anniversary to my parents! 38 years!  
A wonderful example for Bobby and I to live by.


Engagement Announcement

I'm Engaged!

I'm engaged to the man I love.  I'm engaged to my very best friend.
I am the luckiest girl in the world! 



So you are probably wondering about the proposal.  Well here it is!
Bobby came home late the other night from watching the basketball game at a friends house.  I lit some candles and sat waiting for him.  I was very nervous but had just spoken with my sisters who had given me lots of courage.  When he came home, I held his hand and told him how much I loved him.  How there will never be an ultimately perfect moment.  How we have this one life and we have to realize the important things.  How we are sometimes a nontraditional couple so I was going to do the most nontraditional thing. 

So I asked him if he would be my family.  If we could spend the rest of our lives together.  
 He said yes!
We cried.
We laughed.

There were no rose petals or fancy desserts.  Just us at home.  It was magical.
A new chapter in our lives will begin.  I can't wait!