Laundry?...um no thanks

I hate laundry.  Well, I hate most domestic duties, but laundry is my absolute least favorite thing to do.  Unfortunately, its also my husband's least favorite thing to do.  This means 6 out 7 days I am searching piles of clean laundry on our bedroom chair, angrily muttering under my breath each morning as I search for that one specific tank top (as I toss everything else wildly into the air), and opening my underwear drawer to find only the ugliest and most elderly looking pair left.  Some days are better than others and at least we get the laundry washed and dried, but then somehow the effort of actually folding everything is almost comparable to climbing Mount Everest. sigh. 



The most exciting and memorable part of my trip to PA was getting to take the tribal jet.  This is my second time taking the jet and I still can not get over what a crazy and amazing experience it is.  Yes, its true that the minute you step onto a private jet you feel very important and famous :)

But then you find yourself taking pictures of every second (like in the bathroom) and realize that important people probably don't do this.  There is gold trim inside and leather stitched seats.  The flight attendant, Cheryl, is so great and she makes all the food herself.  We watched movies, talked business, and watched the sea of clouds pass us as we sped across the sky at top speeds. 

 waiting for take off

 the bathroom :)

 Heading home

 Goodbye Philadelphia!

 chit chatting with the flight attendant- My boss in the back sitting on the couch- ya know a couch, no big deal.
 My seat.

Made is safely back to the reservation (me on the far right and my boss in the middle who looks a bit delirious!)

As we neared the end of the trip home, I found myself looking out at one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen.  The sky was on fire, with infinite clouds spread out before us.  As the sun continued to set, the colors exploded into a million shades of red, orange, and pink.  I couldn't stop smiling, and remembering telling myself to hold onto this moment forever.  About 20 minutes before we reached Big Cypress, Cheryl turned on the Top 40, and we all jammed out and laughed as the pop and rap stars serenaded our descent. I'm not sure if I'll ever have the opportunity again to ride in the jet and I'm pretty sure I will never have another museum job quite like this one.  I felt very lucky for this once in a life time opportunity and will always remember my trip to Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, PA

A few weeks ago I went to Philadelphia for work.  It was so great to get out of the office and South Florida and breathe in some cool, city air and see a few orange a red leaves peaking through. Myself, along with my boss and 7 other co-workers arrived Monday afternoon and got to spend a few hours exploring the city on foot.  We walked about 4 or 5 miles and finally reached our ultimate goal of the ROCKY STEPS!  Philadelphia has amazing architecture and it was wonderful to walk through such a historic city. We saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and strolled through Chinatown. Our meeting was Tuesday at the University of Pennsylvania and we left later that evening.  A very quick trip!  Here are a few snapshots--


Welcome to Miami.

I've been spending a little bit more time down in Miami over the past few months and there is a part of me that secretly wishes I could live in an Art Deco apartment on Miami Beach, overlooking the turquoise water during the day and the sparkly, bright lights of the south Florida metropolis at night.  There is something that sparks a romantic and exciting feeling inside.   

Coming across the Julia Tuttle Causeway from Miami Beach-- back to the mainland

A trip to a Chamber Orchestra concert with some friends on Miami Beach the other weekend was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Afterwards, we walked to Bobby's work and had a late lunch, sitting under large red umbrellas and laughed as we people watched.  Miami is a hodge podge of people, but if you want to fit in, the dress code is tight, short, and neon :)

Last weekend found ourselves back on Miami Beach for a birthday dinner for Bobby.  It was a pleasant evening, sitting outside under a full moon and enjoying the palm trees swaying above.  Every time around this year we can't help but talk about the weather and compare it to the Octobers we grew up in back in Colorado.  We always laugh saying, "I can't believe we are sitting outside in 80 degree weather and its OCTOBER!"

The famous Lincoln Road Mall- right outside Bobby's work.


It's Here!

Autumn graced us with her presence today.  It was glooorious.  A high of 74 degrees and a cool breeze made my spirit soar!

I tried so hard to sneak a way for a quick walk around the boardwalk but of course work piled up and I just had to enjoy the cool air finding its way through the open window of my office.  

Hello Autumn.  I've been waiting for you.


A Perfect Moment

A perfect moment I had to share. My twin sister and her little family. Can't wait to see them in just a few short months!


The Scenic Route

My daily commute takes me on the iconic Alligator Alley and Snake Road.  Two perfectly named roads.  This time of year with the winter season creeping closer, the sun is dragging itself out of bed just like me.  Although it's now dark when I leave in the morning, the pay off is watching a spectacular sunrise as I drive to the reservation.  Without fail each morning brings with it a giant orange ball creeping up over the horizon, lighting the infinite sea of grass on fire.  The sky is full of rose and amber hues and snow white birds swoop down from the sky with the sun glimmering off the tips of their wings.



Happy Birthday to my husband!
29 years ago today you were brought into this world, with a million opportunities and moments to come.  Is it hard to imagine you have lived 29 years already?

I'm sorry that we can't spend the day together (thanks work.) but enjoy the cinnamon rolls I left on the stove and tomorrow we'll celebrate!