Sanibel // Part Due

Some more photos of our weekend trip away

{somebody didn't want us to go}


100 Days of Happy : 50-56

 {I know I slacked last week on my posting, but sometimes the week just gets away from me!} 

Day 50 : Sunday
 Our last day on Sanibel : Taking in a beautiful scene!

Day 51 : Monday
My little niece Everdeen is obsessed with Bobby and Aurelia.  The first thing she says when I'm on the phone with my sister or on Skype is, "Bobby? Meow Meow Cat?  Bobby?"  Its adorable, especially with her inquisitive shoulder raises!

Day 52 : Tuesday
I've been trying to read a lot more these days and I've really enjoyed getting back into this routine and letting my imagination wander. This week I've been reading a silly "beach" book but still can't seem to put it down!

Day 53 : Wednesday

Sally came out to visit at a good-bye luncheon for a co-worker.  She sat patiently for awhile and then got impatient that no one was going to feed her and scurried away into her pond.

Day 54: Thursday
Bobby has been practicing using our new camera and likes to sneak out late at night to practice on the moon {who doesn't seem to mind much the attention}

Day 55 : Friday
 Friday night I went out with some friends to the local pub, The Field.  Its a great atmosphere and it was fun to relax after a long week of work.

Day 56 : Saturday
 A Saturday afternoon movie date with my husband to escape the 90 degree weather.  Does anyone else love the previews before the movie starts?  

What made you happy this week?



We had such a nice time last weekend enjoying Sanibel Island.  Weekend getaways are perfect for rejuvenating your soul and heart.  We couldn't believe that just over 2 years ago we were saying "I do" on the shell strewn beach!  Time flies when you're having fun :)

song: Tennis // Marathon


Miami : That Place

:: Miccosukee Translation

Bobby's 2nd Home.


100 Days of Happy : 43-49

Day 43 : Sunday
Spring is gone and Summer is here.  A breezy beautiful end to the day

Day 44 : Monday
My dear friend Makenzie's birthday was on Monday.  It was soulmate at first site and we've been best friends since our freshman year of college!  We are 2,000 miles apart but luckily distance has no bearing on our friendship :)

Day 45 : Tuesday
Tuesday night Bobby and I headed off on a date night for our anniversary.  Cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory was a must seeing that was what we chose for our wedding cake!

Day 46 : Wednesday
Bobby surprised me with a brand new camera and its wonderful to be able to finally take decent photos!  This bright green lizard was sunning himself on the side of the house and I was able to capture it with my new camera!

Day 47 : Thursday
A work dinner at a local pub.  Although it wasn't ideal to have dinner with 16 colleagues, lawyers, and a  Colonel, I always enjoy this restaurant, especially the toe tapping Irish band!

Day 48 : Friday
Friday was spent at Tribal Headquarters.  I always enjoy working in Hollywood because, well, its a 15 minute drive instead of a 1 hour drive!  But its also a beautiful building and I always feel quite fancy attending meetings here.

Day 49 : Saturday
Of course my dear Aurelia always makes my heart happy!  I love her little blue streak in her eye and her loud constant purring!

What made you happy this week?

The mother's in my life.

I am so blessed to have the most amazing and loving mom!  
She is everything to me.  

Although this one day has been set aside to acknowledge all you do, just know that we celebrate you every day!

A happiest of Mother's Day to my two dear sisters who are so loving and caring to their beautiful children.

Our family has grown so much over the years -- adding sons and grandchildren and through it all our mom's love only continues to grow for us all.

Thanks mom


2 Years.

2 years ago today 


I married my best friend
on a beautiful beach
with our family surrounding us 
as we made life long commitments and vows.

It was a magical day full of so much love.

And...Just in case you want to relive that glorious day with me!


100 Days of Happy : 36-42

It was an interesting week.  I've been out of town for a week and spent 5 long days in the car driving from Massachusetts to Florida.  I got to see a part of the country I'd never seen before and loved looking out the window as the countryside changed every few hours.

Day 36 : Sunday
Baltimore, MD.  A beautiful sunset from my hotel window with rain showers off in the distance.

Day 37 : Monday
North Carolina.  The tall pine trees were our backdrop to a gas station/lunch break.  Eating Subway on a grassy lawn next to the highway wasn't ideal, but I enjoyed this random little forest of trees. Doesn't it kind of look like the clearing in Twilight?  just sayin'... :)

Day 38 : Tuesday
Georgia.  What a beautiful state!  The green, green vegetation, spanish moss, and sticky air welcomed us.  I have to admit, it was a nice feeling to be in the warmth again after the chilly air of the northeast.

Day 39 : Wednesday
On day 7 of my trip I woke up feeling excited and anxious.  Today was the day of the repatriation.  Everything went smoothly and I was so proud to be a part of such a special project.

Day 40 : Thursday
Thursday was spent at home, relaxing and resting from my trip.  By Wednesday I had put in 10 straight days of work and was so happy to be home with Bobby.  In the afternoon, I stepped outside after hearing little cheeps and saw the brigade of baby ducks and their mama outside our front door.  They are all getting so big!

Day 41 : Friday
Sleeping beauty.  Aurelia was glad to have me home and showed me by being quite snuggly and even took a little cat nap with me!

Day 42 : Saturday
An afternoon thunderstorm.  I watched the rain pour from the sky, making small lakes and rivers in the backyard.  The fresh smell of rain lingered well after the storm had passed and a Blue Jay sat in the tree singing loudly while shaking his feathers free of rain water.