Our new place

I wonder what new memories and experiences our new place will hold...



Its beginning to feel a bit more like fall.  The weather is slightly cooler and breezy. Some of the trees, like the cypress, are starting to loose their leaves.  Even the light somehow feels softer and soon I'll see the setting sun during my commute home.  I say it time and time again that fall is my absolute favorite season.  

Bobby and I are moving next week to a new city further south.  I really don't like moving and it has been a stressful month trying to find a new place and to pack all of our belongings once again.  I am not big on change so I know it will take awhile to become adjusted to our new home, the new grocery store, the new carpool for work, and the new smells and sounds. But I take comfort in knowing that not everything is changing-- at least we are not starting all over again like three years ago.  

Its hard to imagine sometimes that we have been here for three years.  I remember starting my first day of work on October 19th, 2009.  I was terrified and had no idea if this had been the right decision to move across the country.  We've come along way since then and we have made this place our home.  I look back now and know it was the right decision and it has brought so many new opportunities for both of us.

As I type this now, looking out the upstairs window, I can see the bright blue sky and hear the palm fronds gently knocking at the window.  I am happy to think that with fall and winter just around the corner I will be able to spend more time outside --a concept I am still getting used to. Oh Florida- I think you are starting to grow on me!   


Epic Fail

10 seconds after my husband proclaimed he had ninja skills:

: )


Good Morning

 Thursday Morning
Big Cypress Indian Reservation


Baby Shower

My friend Gizelle had her baby shower this past weekend.  Her and her husband Vigarny are expecting their first addition to their family, a baby girl!  I have already volunteered Bobby and mine services as babysitters.  Bobby met Gizelle and V when they were searching for a new member for their band a few years ago.  While they are still in their "garage" phase, Bobby enjoys being able to play music with good friends.  

I had a nice time and was proud of myself for mingling with the other two non Spanish speakers at the party. It was a typical Latin party with tons of food and about 50 of their closest family members! It was a beautiful party and I am very excited for them!




day dreamer

This week has been brutal and its only Wednesday!  My director and deputy director are out of town and I have been appointed head of the office while they are away.  This means that I get to deal with everyone's grumbles AND go to really scary meetings.  

I'm wishing I was here instead...

Honeymoon- Naples, FL 2012


Polka Dots

I've been trying really really hard to take more pride in my appearance!  It takes a lot of effort in the mornings to do the works- makeup, hair, cute clothes, accessories...
I hate to admit it, but often times I roll out of bed, throw on the first thing I see and try and comb through the wet tangled mess of my hair before I run out the door.  
My office dress is casual.  No scratch that.  It's college, early morning classes casual.  Jeans, sweatshirts, hats.  I've grown accustomed to the lazy look.  

But recently I've decided to try a little harder.  I always feel so much better about myself when I am dressed professionally and have taken the time to tame my frizzy hair.  If I wear a dress to work it is often met with curious stares and people wondering where in the world I am going, as they stomp through the office in old t-shirts and their snake boots.  But even without wearing a dress I should still be able to muster enough strength to pull on a pair of non-jeans and a pair of earrings.  

This weekend I was unusually social and got to whip out a few dresses from the closet.  One which I found the other weekend on the clearance rack at Old Navy- yes! 

It is my new favorite dress.

I've always wanted to have a red dress and now I not only have one, but it also has polka dots- which I love!

Now all I have to do is get up 15 minutes earlier in the mornings...



Jessica B

My dear friend Jessica is moving to Oklahoma.  I am so sad that she is leaving, but I know she has a great opportunity with her new job and also being much closer to her family.  We have been friends since graduate school and I have been so grateful that we have been able to live and work together for the past 2 years.

2008, Lubbock, TX
For our final weekend together, we headed down to Miami to see a show at the venue where Bobby works.  It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed great music, food, and being in the hippest place in south Florida!

I will miss having such a close friend at work, sneaking away for a walk around the boardwalk, having a lunch companion, and having someone to blow off steam with when my day was not going so well. I will miss our Harry Pottery marathons and puzzle dates.  Our weekend trips to the $3 movie theater and being entertained by all the blue and red haired ladies.  

2012, Miami

At least I know that good friendships last forever, no matter the distance.  I'm so glad we got to experience this new place together and I feel a little more brave and a little more comfortable here thanks to Jessica.



I went on a field trip for work last week.  We headed down south to the Big Cypress National Preserve in Ochopee, Florida which is managed by the National Park Service. Because my office often works with NPS we decided to go down and meet their staff.  Everyone was very nice and excited about future collaborations.  

It is quite a beautiful and peaceful place and I am excited to go back with Bobby and explore the area more.  Its only a few hours from my house which makes it an easy get away for the weekend.

We had lunch in Everglades City where I mustered up the courage to eat some Conch shell (minus the shell). We headed back to the east coast by driving across on the Tamiami Trail which is home to the Miccosukee Tribe and the smallest post office in the United States!  Unfortunately a co-worker's dying car battery prevented us from stopping at the post office, but I did get to see it as we drove by.  

I enjoyed the time away from the office and thinking about my next trip there!

  Strange things always taste better if they're fried! 

The post office way back when- hasn't changed too much!


Good-bye Cornelius

The Macuen family's hearts are heavy today as our little family of three became two again.  Our dear little Cornelius escaped yesterday through a little hole in the screened-in porch. Bobby went out to feed him in the late morning, but couldn't find him.  He would escape from his tank periodically and wander about the back porch, but we always found him hiding behind the big green fern.  This time we couldn't find him.  

We searched and searched for him on the porch and then extended our search to the overgrowth of tropical plants behind our house. After awhile I went in side and called my sister to tell her the news.  Bobby stayed outside, continuing his search under the leaves and tangled vines.  He went back out at least 4 more times throughout the day hoping he would see our little Cornelius.  On his last search he came back to the porch and did one last look in the corners and behind the big green fern.  I watched him from inside, knowing that he didn't want to give up.  He slowly walked over to the little water fall in Cornelius' tank and unplugged it.

We felt a little lost yesterday.  Just sitting on the couch, not knowing what to do.  How would such a tiny little turtle survive in the big scary world?  Will he find food?  Will he find a nice cool pond?  We can only hope that he will be ok. I keep telling myself that maybe he will be happier in the wild and find a nice friend.  

When I first brought him home almost a year ago his shell was the size of a silver dollar.  Over the months he grew bigger and stronger.  He had come a long way from when he was rescued in my co-worker's swimming pool.  I am glad that we had the chance to be his parents for a while. I think there will always be a little Cornelius sized hole in both of our hearts.

We will miss you dearly!