Ever since I graduated from graduate school I have had an abundant amount of time to read.  I love reading.  I have loved spending time snuggled in bed before I go to sleep reading a book.  I even got a library card to the Tamarac Public Library.  What new adventures will I go on tonight?
Reading my favorite...Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  Sitting on a bench in Basalt, CO

How the Other Half Lives

Today was field trip day.  Some of my co-workers and boss went up to an archaeological site in Palm Beach.  Yes fancy shmancy Palm Beach.  And not just to the city, but to one of the barrier islands-- and I got asked to go!  The site was located on a newly vacant lot surrounded by billion dollar mansions, $500,000 cars, and of course the beach.  It was warm and breezy and I met some very important people in the Florida archaeology world.  Not a bad way to spend a Thursday morning. 

Beach Front Property at my new house

Looking at the inter coastal.  I would prefer the Atlantic view, but poor people can't be choosy

The lot

Looking at some of the test units



I wasn't feeling very well yesterday so I took the day off to rest and rid myself of my stomachache.  As I was dozing off to sleep my blackberry buzzed loudly in my ear.  I checked my e-mail and read this subject line:

Good Idea Not To Come Into Carpool...

Yes, I thought so myself. 

As I read the e-mail, my whole body started to get goosebumps and I thought I was going to be sick.  My carpool companions had just discovered a GIANT spider on the dashboard.  The best part about it was that the field crew had taken our car out the day before and left the windows down while they were in the field.  So this disgusting thing decided to crawl into the car and wait.  Wait... while I drove the car home the evening before, probably sitting inches from my flip flopped feet. Wait... till everyone wasn't paying any attention to crawl across the dashboard.  A Green lynx spider.

I can honestly tell you that if I had been driving that morning I would have crashed the car into the canal.  Spiders are truly my worst fear and I will start crying the minute I see one. I guess I know why I needed to stay home from work.

Even as I post this picture I have to squint through my half closed eyes.  I can feel it crawling on me


I have to brag. My beautiful friend Laura just made the top 50 Most Beautiful People in D.C., coming in at #2! 
  Look HERE to see the lovely Ms. Donahoe


Wash Day

Today I worked in the lab.  I love working with the artifacts.  Its why I do what I do.  Lately I have been very busy with all the administration stuff.  Budget, supervising, reports, solving problems.  But today I sent myself away into hiding, working away in the little wash room. 

I washed the artifacts with a toothbrush and let the sloshing of the water and the sound of the bristles relax my mind.  I let my mind wander and my fingers turn to prunes.


Oh Florida

With all the joys that Florida brings to my life, it really overdid itself last week.  We had an all staff meeting and my boss sat us all down with a very serious face.  After explaining the Tropical Storm situation he says,

Boss: The THPO for the Miccosukee tribe just called and said his field crew has contracted Dengue Fever.
Us: lots of loud commotion and people looking really scared.
Co-worker: I've heard its like Ebola!!
Me: (thinking to myself) hmmm..I read the Hot Zone in 7th grade and I'm pretty sure the Ebola virus makes you bleed black goo from your eyeballs.

For those of you who don't have to worry about scary tropical viruses...Dengue Fever is spread by mosquitoes and causes 105 fevers, rashes, vomiting and other really terrifying symptoms that I won't list as to not scare my mom. 

Our field crew has been restricted to work in areas without water, which may be difficult seeing we work in the Everglades.  I'll make sure to spray myself down with 100% deet before eating my lunch outside with the beautiful Florida nature.

Tropical STOOOORM!

Red is a very scary color on a map.  Thursday morning the little storm in the Atlantic had turned into a big red blob on the map.  Just what I needed.  We watched it all day and by the afternoon we were bracing for Tropical Storm Bonnie.  I wasn't sure what to expect.   Was it going to be 70 mi/hr winds with horizontal rain?  We were pulled into a meeting Thursday before work ended to tell us all to keep our phones on in case the Tribe closed the reservation. I went home kind of anxious and dreading the drive into work the next morning. 

We ended up getting a lot of rain and luckily the wind stayed down south.  We drove through some pretty heavy rain (like you can't see 10 feet in front of you rain) during rush hour and then endured the rain all day at work.  But for my first major storm I have to say it wasn't that bad.  Although looking back I was so nervous about it I forgot it was Friday until my boss asked me what my weekend plans were at 4:45pm.  Hopefully it will be a quiet season...   


Bad Hair Day

Ever have one of those days where you feel not so pretty?  I woke up late, jumped in the shower, barely brushed through my tangled hair, threw on the most unflattering outfit and ran out the door.  Not to mention my face broke out.  Since high school my hair has gradually turned into a curly frizz ball.  Now and then with the Florida humidity I'll get lucky and just let my hair air dry and it will look half way decent.  Today was not one of those lucky days. I felt down all day, slipping into my self conscious days of junior high.  I glumly walked in the door after work where Bobby greeted me, giving me a big hug and saying, "You look pretty today!" 


the new guy

The first time I met my boss I was a little scared.  I had heard so much about him and wanted to make a good impression.  I remember sitting at my desk as he walked into my office.  As I started to rise from my chair to shake his hand he slapped a post-it onto my desk and walked away.

Ummm...that could have gone better

I looked down to read, "RUN AWAY WHILE YOU STILL CAN!"

Hmmmm...this could be going better

Turns out my boss is great!  After he gave me the post-it, he came back in and pulled out a HUGE knife and asked if I wanted to become blood brothers...but thats another story for another day.  He is one of the smartest people I've ever met and he knows everything about anything.  His passion, besides archaeology, is music.  If you would like to see the day fly by tell him you play the guitar. 

Recently the office hired 5 new field techs.  The other day one of them was saying how he hadn't met the boss yet.  A co-worker told him that our boss likes to talk about music. 

Today I listened as the new guy walked up to our boss and introduced himself.  Then he did the unthinkable.   "I play the guitar".  That was it.  He was trapped for the next 8 hours.  My boss pulled him outside during lunch and got out his African Talking Drum from the backseat and played for him in the parking lot.  Then my boss had him sit in his car while he cranked up the Haitian and Cuban island music.  At 4pm they met again at the copy machine where they discussed their favorite guitar makers and bands.

My co-workers and I laughed silently to ourselves as we watched the new guy try and fit in.  We have all been there, trying to impress the boss.  My office door looks out into the main area of the office where the copy machine is.  I see everyone pass by.  I like to sometimes sit and figure out the quirks of the office.  My office just happens to be filled with music lovers.  It is sometimes a nice change of pace from downtown Denver as we sit at lunch and listen to the island music wafting from the parking lot, watching the palm trees sway.


Friend at work

I'm not much of a dog person.  I hate being licked and sniffed in inappropriate places.  However, sometimes even a dog can melt my heart.

Someone brought in a puppy the other day at work.  It was being rescued and a new home had been found for him.  Instead of staying out in the lonely and dark mechanical room we convinced our boss to let us keep little Max in the office with us.  He was the best THPO mascot ever.  He watched the door, wagged his tail, took a nap and let EVERYONE talk to him with a baby voice.  Animals always know how to lighten the stress and make everyone nice.

*we are friends*

back to work: ho hum

I just got back from my summer vacation. A week back home in lovely Colorado.  Well my first home anyways.  It was wonderful but flew by too fast. 

I always try to take mental memories.  Taking in as much as I can while I'm home.  Trying to remember the smells, the sounds and the voices.  My dad always sitting in the sun reading the newspaper in the red chair.  My mom cooking in the kitchen and asking my cat what he wants for lunch.  My sisters laughing with their husbands.  The sound of the geese on the lake.  The way the sun glitters through the willow tree. 

The smell of summertime.