A New Face

I'm not a very crafty person.  I enjoy the idea of DIYs and taking something old and making it new again.  But I have been a little bored recently and decided to work on giving our little dresser a face lift.  I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do, except that it needed to be repainted.  The dresser was passed down from one of Bobby's old roommates and has never really gone with any of our furniture.  Its dark blueish/purple color would have gone better in a little boys room!

I finally decided on a bright teal.  Lafonda Teal to be exact!  I wanted something bold and a little tropical looking.  Last weekend Bobby and I headed to Lowe's and picked out our paint and I got right to work.  I only have a few more coats on one more side and then it should be done. 

I am planning on purchasing these new dresser knobs to replace the big wooden round ones!

As soon as its finished I'll post a final photo!  


lemon plum

Have you ever had a lemon plum?  They are a fruit from Chile and taste just how they are named!
Our local grocery stores never carry very good produce... opposite of what you would think for a tropical state.  But every now and again they get in some interesting fruits and veggies from South American countries and this week it was lemon plums.




White Roses from my Valentine


The Park

This Weekend has been very nice.  Bobby has had most of the weekend off which is unusual and has made me very happy!  Like most weekends it has been filled with a few To Do items, but the majority of time has been spent relaxing and spending some much needed time together.  

The weather has been chilly and has made my heart happy.  I admit, I feel cold in the 65 degree weather, but stepping outside and breathing in cool air is a rare treat.  

We went to the park on Saturday to enjoy the cooler temperatures and take advantage of the sparse park attendance. We soaked up the sun in between the cloud cover, but eventually the wind forced us to retreat back home and snuggle under the blankets!


Happy Valentine's Day!

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;
so I love you because I know no other way

than this: where I does not exist, nor you,
so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,
so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep. 



It seems lately that there is a lot of unhappiness that I have encountered, mostly friends and co-workers.  Sometimes I get down about life, I mean who doesn't?  Things don't always go our way and there will always be trying and troubled times.  But I can't help but realize that life is too precious and short to stay down for too long.  

When I was a teenager, my mom bought my sister and I journals.  We were going through a "phase" of pessimistic attitudes, dealing with mean girls at school, and bickering over the coveted bathroom mirror.  My mom sat down with each of us and told us that every night we had to write down 5 things we were thankful for or that made us happy.  

At first I would make the same list every single night:
1.  My mom
2.  My dad
3.  My sisters
4.  My cat
5.  My house

I remember one day sitting down and actually thinking about it.  Yes, sometimes junior high was what I imagine hell might be like.  Yes, I fought with my parents and my sisters.  Yes, I was told to do things that I didn't want to do.  But as I sat there in my upstairs bedroom with my journal on my lap, I realized that I had a lot to be thankful for and a lot that made me happy. 

I thought about that today.  We spend too much of our life being miserable.  We have great things to accomplish, people to love, a beautiful earth to enjoy.  There isn't time to be unhappy.  Even if there is one small thing that makes us happy every day, that is something to celebrate.  My challenge this week is to find those small things (or big things) that make me happy and thankful and bring a smile to my face and maybe to someone else's.

5 Things that made me happy today:

1.  My bubblegum pink capris
2.  A Roseate Spoonbill flying over the Everglades at sunrise
3.  A quiet office
4.  Finding the last Riesen chocolate in the bag
5.My family

What makes you happy?





I just got back from a trip to D.C.  It was a good trip, full of lots of listening and meeting of other tribes from the eastern and southern states.  It was also quite an experience because the Chairman of the Tribe was there and we had two dinners with him.  It was my first time meeting him, and I hope I made a good impression!  Sunday night was actually spent in his suite, watching the Superbowl and eating wings.  I was pretty nervous, its kind of like meeting the President! 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to leave the hotel and didn't make it to any museums or monuments (not that I'm really complaining seeing it was only 23 degrees outside!).  I did get to see the Lincoln Memorial as the plane took off this afternoon.  I've always enjoyed D.C. and I like the hustle and bustle with everyone looking sharp in their suits and I imagine everyone going off to important meetings with the Feds.  My trip was also quite fitting since I've recently dedicated my nights to watching the West Wing and I secretly wished that I could have hung out in the oval office with Rob Lowe and Martin Sheen


It's Spring In Florida!

Happy Weekend!

A mama duck and her 11 little babies took an afternoon nap outside my porch today.  How sweet!