Sanibel Isalnd

The light is pink on Sanibel Island.  The evenings and the mornings glow a rose colored hue. 

  I always think of the love song La Vie En Rose, which is a perfect song for a perfect place.

Eyes that kiss mine,
A smile that hides under his mouth
A portrait that needs no touching up,
From the man I belong to

When he takes me into his arms
He speaks to me in a soft voice
I see life in pink hues.



Exciting News!

Check out my sister's blog for some exciting news!



Bobby and I both had the day off on Monday so we headed down south to the amazing Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami.  It is breathtaking and I want to live there.
It was built in the 1910s but was designed after 15th century Italian estates.  
Bobby and I strolled through the manicured gardens, toured the 34 room mansion and had a delicious lunch near the grado. 

It was a beautiful day, walking back through time into Old Florida.




Valentine's Day

Last Tuesday I came home to flowers and chocolates and more importantly a very clean kitchen!
What a sweet fiance I have.

Hope everyone had a loving Valentine's Day!


Old Leather and dead bugs

Part of my job working with archaeological collections is making sure that they are clean and stable for long term storage. That way they will live a longer and happier life for years to come.  Today I worked on a piece of leather that came from a site called The Red Barn.  The Red Barn is a significant site to the Tribe, a symbol of the beginnings of their cattle industry, independence, and prosperity.  It was recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

I spent the day slowly picking away dead cobwebs and bug carcasses, dirt and debris.  


I gently brushed the surface and then added some tissue support.  

I still need to make a box, but for now this little piece of leather is mighty happy, and can now sit and remember back to it's youthful days of the 1940's.


This Day is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

There is a banana tree at work.  It is one of the strangest trees I've ever seen.
The bananas hang at the very top of the branch in a little cluster.  A long knobby vine comes out of the banana bunch and the fuchsia flower that hangs at the end never seems to bloom, keeping its giant petals tightly closed.  Bees zoom in and out of from under the petals and I'm almost always tempted to reach up and snap a banana off the branch.
A convenient snack. 


Anyone out there?

Winter out in the Everglades means one thing. 
  The morning drives are like creeping through a hushed landscape.  It's quiet and slightly eerie.  Now and again the outline of the cattle out in the pastures will appear and a peek of sunlight tries to muster through the dense clouds.  I always feel as if I am the only one here, with no one around for miles and miles.   


Hello There

The other day I took a walk on my lunch break.  It is the most perfect time to be outside right now with cooler temperatures and a nice afternoon breeze.  I saw the usual wildlife- the scattering of lizards and scampering squirrels.  But then I happened to look down at the railing as I continued on my walk and saw this little guy:

Hello there Praying Mantis. 

It's little body swayed in the breeze as it too enjoyed such a nice day on the boardwalk.