Office Guest

Look who was found at work last week?  A tiny, precious, and sweetest kitten.  She was still so little that a co-worker took her home every night and then brought her back to work to be bottle fed.  Another co-worker quickly offered to giver her a new home.  I mean who could resist such a darling little creature? 
Almost everyone took turns holding and babysitting her throughout the week.  I worked on my multi-tasking, letting her snooze on my lap as I typed away on my computer!


Bob Roth's New River Grove

There is a farmers market in Hollywood called Bob Roths New River Groves that takes you back in time to the 1960s.  There are fun over-sized statues of oranges and all the signage has so much character.  They sell fresh produce, have a small coffee shop and to top it off, have a pie shop.  You can get anything from their famous Key Lime Pie to Tiramisu Pie.  When I have the opportunity to work in Hollywood, my co-workers and I like to take a break and drive down the street for a taste of Old Florida!


Beach Bum

Guess what I got to see on Saturday? 
I had never seen a dolphin before.  The last time my mom and I were on Sanibel we searched and searched the waters for any sign of the fins moving up and down through the waves, but no luck.  

On Saturday, Bobby and my sister and brother-in-law were swimming in the ocean and we saw something dark grey move out of the corner of our eyes.  We looked again and there were two dolphins swimming only a few hundred feet from us.  It was pretty amazing!

my beautiful sister!

The more time I spend at the beach, the more I love it.  If only I made more time on the weekends to travel those pesky 20 miles to the ocean.

Just like the sound of the cool mountain air swishing through the pine trees, the waves lapping back and forth on the shore cleanses your spirit and give you that "ahhh" feeling.  

The only person over the weekend that did not entirely enjoy the beach was Sanford.  We think the waves were a little too loud and the water was a little too chilly.  He did however enjoy the pool with his mom!

so adorable!


Mrs. Macuen

Well... I am officially married to my best friend!  The weekend was amazing.  There really are no words to describe the incredible joy I feel!  We got to spend time lounging and relaxing on the beach and by the pool with our families, eating good food, enjoying good company, and soaking in beautiful sunsets and supermoons. I am wishing I was still on the island, watching the waves roll up on the shell filled sand and day dreaming of absolutely nothing.

more pictures to come!



Nothing like a little Brazilian music to transport yourself to a starry night on the beach

Joao Gilberto: 's wonderful