Love is in the air

How is it almost February?!

Did time go by this fast when I was younger?  Sometimes I just wish it would slow down just a little bit so I could do more, see more, and love more!

Speaking of love...

My Etsy shop has some new cards in stock for Valentine's Day!  Check them out- maybe you'll find the perfect one!

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays (like most these days) that is very over commercialized.  And even though I am a strong advocate for telling everyone that you love, "I love you" as much as humanly possible, it is nice to have a day that kind of forces you to stop the crazy for just a little bit and really enjoy your loved ones.


Misty Mornings

I remember when I was little and we would awake to a foggy morning.  These mornings were very rare and my sisters and I would have a little bit more pep in our step to get out the door to walk to school in the low hanging clouds.  Oh how wonderful and eerie it would be to skip down the sidewalk, with the unfamiliar humidity on our faces, and hoping that a fairytale monster didn't jump out from the dense fog.

The fog is no stranger to the Everglades, especially in the winter months.  The other morning though, it didn't overtake the whole world, but sat on the sides of the road.  The white mist grazed inches above the dew drenched pastures in long, smooth bands.  Most of my carpool companions were quiet with sleep as I watched the mist slowly fade as the world began to wake.   



Commuting to and from work has its ups and downs.  Sometimes I'm not sure how much longer my mind and body can take the 2 1/2 hours in the car.  But on days when the sky is set on fire, and each tip of sawgrass turns a rosy pink, and a million white birds fly into the blazing clouds its hard to not be content with the view out my window.


Living on a Prayer

I was taking an afternoon walk the other day on the boardwalk at work and something caught the corner of my eye.  At first, I thought it was just a twig, but as I stopped to take a closer look, a Praying Mantis turned her head to stare me in the face.  Two giant, beady eyes looked at me and then without further ado, started on her way.


Hello internet.  I've been a bit MIA lately.  No real reason, just busy with life.  All is well and we are enjoying some cooler days here which has been very pleasant!  Bobby is gearing up to head off to L.A. for the Grammys soon and I am eagerly awaiting my parents visit soon in February.  Its hard to believe that the weekend is almost over and I'm trying to wrap my head around Monday morning but luckily this week should be quite low key.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!



Row Row Row Your Boat

Over the last month, I have been coordinating the move of a very old canoe.  

All part of a days work, I say.

I just received our radiocarbon dates back the other week and it is exciting that it has been dated to AD 1150-1250 (that is the date that the tree was cut down).

My Collections Assistant and I have spent several days on our hands and knees, carefully and slowly brushing and vacuuming up years and years of dust, cobwebs, and lizard bones.  The canoe will sit proudly on the Brighton Reservation and begin another chapter of its very long life.

A video of our cleaning escapades to entertain you on this fine Saturday!