New Year's Eve

Foggy Everglades morning on New Year's Eve

A New Year's Poem
Yours truly}

Upon this eve of New Year’s Day
The morning fog sits low and grey
And whispers ‘round as if to say,
“Do you dare? Oh come what may!”

It’s taunt is loud and hovers near
I wait for the heavy clouds to clear
To see the sun and not to fear
The unknown path ahead that’s drear.

But then the white light turns to gold
And beams flicker through the heavy folds.
The sun is strong and takes a hold
And calms and hushes worries untold.

For here comes the New Year’s Day
With light and hope to break away
Regret and fear that’s gone astray
To guide us new with hope I pray.

So open up to the sun’s warm glow
And rid of heavy mist and woe.
A bright new start swirls high and low
Like a twinkling painting from Van Gough.

The New Year’s bells will loudly cheer,
“Leave all your burdens and your fear!
Show love and joy to those so dear
And have a very happy New Year!”

Wishing you and yours the most wonderful New Year!
--Is anyone else in complete disbelief that its 2015?--


Buon Natale

Merriest of Christmases!  Wishing you and yours a warm and lovely holiday season!

The Macuens


Winter on the Brighton Seminole Indian Reservation

Winter on the Brighton Reservation.
Lovely, cool breezes drift through the ancient oaks that are covered in thick green moss and grey Spanish moss.  Wild oranges break up the never ending sea of green.  Light dances on the saw palmetto leaves and I feel like I have time travelled a thousand years back in time.