Good-bye week

I can't remember the last time I was so glad to see a week be over.  It was an emotional roller coaster. I started the week off with very sad news that my committee member and professor from graduate school was killed, followed by some staff changes at work, one of my best friends finding out that after years of heartache, her in vetro was successful (!), news of a co-worker's diagnosis of breast cancer, and I found out that after many clean years, addiction had taken a hold again of a dear community member.  

When it rains...

I guess I am only human and got kind of down this week.  Besides the amazing news from my sweet friend, the world seemed pretty dismal.  

I've been spending my evenings before I fall asleep in deep prayer, and hoping that light and goodness will overcome and touch those who are in a dark place.  I know it can and will, its just that life can really beat you down sometimes.  Perspective is a powerful tool and with each heartache and sad day, I learn and relearn the importance of embracing each day, each loved one, and each positive moment.

The other night, feeling quite gloomy, I walked into the bedroom to find the sweetest moment.

Looks like somebody has a favorite parent...

I snuggled in too, until Aurelia decided she did not want a sandwich hug and leapt off the bed.  My sweet husband rubbed my back for a few minutes and then tucked me into bed.  These tiny moments cheer my heart.

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