By Yours Truly

The smell of old coffee and burnt toast
Drifts over the desks of those fully engrossed
In their mindless work and keyboard clacks
Shoulders hunched and eternal curved backs.

The humming and hawing of the Xerox machine
Reminds us all how we’re not really that “green”.
It jams and mysterious errors blink and blare
Onlookers give repetitive advice and mean stares.

The supply cabinet looks like a hoarder’s dreams
Of old floppy discs and paper reams
Back in the depths is where the coveted pens hide
Surrounded by cast away markers, old and dried.

Poisonous words float from the chatty Kathy’s
Distracting and gathering a sea of khakis
The gossip train has left the station
And spreads the news at each cubicle location.

Have a meeting to plan more meetings
Filled with enthusiastic words and greetings
Synergy, leadership, and win- win
Drowning in the meaningless motivational din.

And just like a broken record player
The office grump and naysayer
Says with a sharp and wry slice,
“Just another day in paradise”.


  1. Fantastic. Maybe you should publish a book of poetry. :0))

    1. Thanks mom! I know i would have at least one reader :)

  2. your poems are always so good!! I love this one!